Memory Monroe

Plano de Hospedagem, Atualização e Suporte

Memory Monroe Website Project

This is the purchase of service provision for assembly of site of Bruno Pires Mucheroni.

The design matches with:

.com Steps:
> Finish new Brand
> Finish Home Page Design
> Finish Inside pages
. About / Options / Book / Memories / Contact
> Texts Enhancement
> Responsive Enhancement
> Migrate to the final server
> Forms and SMTP Configuration
> Analytics and Tags Configurations
> SEO and Optimization
> Organize and setup all your Logins and Passwords, so you can have full security of your stuff in some file. (its a mess today)

.nl Steps
> Configure Server for Dutch Domain
> Duplicate site for Dutch Server
> Translate fulls ite for Dutch
> Analytics and Tags Configurations
> SEO and Optimization

This project does not match the creation of other domains or languages. If there are adjacent languages, we should consider adding costs. However, I indicate the initial work with these 2 main languages.

Total Price:
50% in the start + 50% when it finished

First Payment Button, €360: